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#IMpowered MEMBERS

#IMpowered MEMBERS

Join the club! Each week you’ll get a healthy AND crave-worthy recipe, recommendations – and occasional discounts – for products (and places) I’ve personally tried and vetted, and links to empowering articles that can help boost your motivation to live well ALL week! Cuz sometimes we just need a ‘lil encouragement to help us to stay #IMpowered and zero-ed in on what’s most important in our life.

I even throw in a fun contest now and then featuring cool prizes, referral incentive programs, and discounts with other health partners/programs! [insert high-5 here] (Seriously – who doesn’t like to swipe a swell freebie, prize or discount on occasion?)

#IMpowered members also receive exclusive membership into the Coached by Jan private Facebook group, where you can get social with others who are on a similar journey of wellness: interact with them, glean extra support and encouragement for your personal goals, encourange other members, ask me (+ other health professionals) wellness-related questions, and hang around on a Facebook page that’s loaded with POSITIVITY! (How awesome is that?!)

What’re you waiting for? Let’s stay #IMpowered and connected – every week!!