Why hire an ACE® certified health coach for your journey to optimized health and wellness? I am passionate about your success, and will be with you every step of this journey. I won’t tell you what to do – after all, you’re the expert in your own life. But together, you and I will explore and identify what you most want to change, customize plans that work for you, and establish behavior change goals based on your values and desires. And perhaps most im- portantly, we’ll find ways to overcome the barriers and obstacles that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. In a world overloaded with conflicting information, I will provide evidence-based research to help you make educated decisions toward behavior change and lifestyle goals. I will ask you a million important (and sometimes tough) ques- tions. And I will help you stay accountable to your goals – so you can emerge healthier, happi- er, and more empowered than ever before, possessing the skills and mindset to stay there!