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The Best 8 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

I recently read a meme that stated, “If everything is magical between now and Christmas, it’s because women are working overtime to make it happen.” TRUTH!

Juggling school (and holiday) schedules, work, appointments, holiday shopping (incl. budget), entertaining, decorating, SLEEP, and everything else under the sun that accompanies this season can be profoundly stressful. Throw in the notion that, as women, we feel immense pressure to ensure that all is “perfect” for our family and friends, the holidays can quickly become a season of resentment or reluctance instead of celebration and joy.
(Note to self: perfection IS perception. It’s highly subjective and virtually unattainable.)

As a self-proclaimed shopper and lifestyle addict, I frequently hit the Google search bar for trends, gifts, and various other eye-candy. So, just in time for the HO-HO HOLIDAYS, I’m sharing my top holiday gift ideas with you here. The best part? All are under $50, and can be delivered to your front door!

Apple AirTag

FINALLY! AirTag has arrived to help find my (or your?) keys, phone … and other disappearing stuff 😀 This lil’ genius definitely tops my holiday gift ideas list.


Bril and Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Sterilizer

Did you know that toothbrushes are the third most contaminated items in your home? (Dish sponges and the kitchen sink come in at #1 and #2.)
Bril® is a portable toothbrush case that uses all-natural UV light to clean and sterilize toothbrushes after every use. So, while this may not be an enviable gift to open, I think it’s a splendid stocking stuffer. BRIL-liant!

PS: Are you a Phillips Sonicare family? Stock your stuffings with the Philips UV sanitizer.


JBL Go 3 Waterproof Speaker

A tiny speaker (length/width dimensions of a credit card) with rich sound, and 5 hours of playtime in a single charge? Yes, please!


Renegades Born in the USA

Calling all music junkies: it’s rock legend BRUUUCCCEE Springsteen and former President Barack Obama in a series of candid conversations on life, music, and their enduring love for America. (Including bonus, never-before seen archival material and images.) Makes great conversation-starting coffee table material!


Dodow Sleep Aid Device

This unique device actually uses light therapy to help you fall asleep. As your breathing slows, the light syncs and also slows, creating a rhythmic – even mesmerizing effect. The manufacturer (two former insomniacs, BTW) claims this rhythm helps reduce stressful and negative thought patterns as our breathing rate slows, allowing our mind to rest and fall into slumber. The device shuts off automatically and the light is dimmable. It’s also small and easy to travel with. Sleep more; worry less.


Bala Bangles Wearable Weights

Who doesn’t want mad, sculpted arms? I LOVE using these 1-pound wrist weights during my cardio training. Running, walking, or hiking, they do wonders for toning! They’ll actually inspire you to move your arms MORE when you’re on your daily walk or run, which also boosts calorie burn. WIN. WIN.
(PS: we all know that summer bodies are made in the winter.)


Spiceology Seasonings

Perhaps you’re tired of me lauding the merits of the Spiceology brand, but honestly, there’s good reason here. As a home chef, I’ve tried countless seasoning brands, most of which contain heavy salt. Spiceology partners with celebrity chefs to create innovative seasonings using flavors that run the taste spectrum! Every Spiceology seasoning or rub I’ve tried is on point. And friend, if you can save time in the kitchen and boost the flavors of your food while keeping sodium and chemical content to a minimum, I implore you to season up your spice cabinet with some Spiceology. Don’t forget to gift a few Spiceology blends to your friends and family, too. (BTW the ‘Breakfast Blends’ kit I’ve linked here isn’t just for breakfast!)


Buffalo Games “Cinque Terre” Jigsaw Puzzle

Nothing brings family together like a holiday meal followed by a jigsaw puzzle! Once complete, this puzzle will transport you to five quaint villages on the Italian Riviera. Having been lucky enough to visit Cinque Terre, I’ll be reminiscing by pouring a delicious glass (or 2) of Sangiovese and bringing the fam together to start connecting (in more ways than one.) Cheers!


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Here’s hoping you enjoy all the beauty and joy the holidays are meant to offer. Stay healthy, stay safe, and enjoy this special season with those whom you cherish most!

(Note: I may receive a small commission from some of the holiday gift ideas in this post. )

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